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ARKive - Images of Life on Earth

An award-winning website, gathering together the very best films and photographs of the world's wildlife species into one centralised digital library, to create a unique audio-visual record of life on Earth. Protector: Sir David Attenborough.
BBC Wildlife Magazine

BBC Knowledge Magazine

IUCN Red List of threatened species
Species accounts on Mangshan Pitviper (Zhaoermia mangshanensis), Ornate Spiny Lobster (Panulirus ornatus), Blunt Slipper Lobster (Scyllarides squammosus), etc.

Guide d’identification des espèces de faune gabonaise inscrites à la Convention CITES - année 2012.
Species Survival Network, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, The Born Free Foundation, Animal Welfare Institute, Humane Society International & Ministère des Eaux et Forêts. Libreville, Gabon. 40 pp.

Rainbow Boas. Natural History and captive husbandry.
Henry Bellosa & Hans Bisplinghof. 2012. Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt. 223 pp.

Novel by Heidrun Scholz. 2012. Konrad Theiss Verlag, Stuttgart. 216 pp.

Beaded Lizards & Gila Monsters.
Bernd Eidenmüller & Manfred Reisinger. 2011. Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt. 157 pp.

Guide to the reptiles of Australia. 3rd edition.
Steve Wilson & Gerry Swan. 2010. New Holland, Sydney, Auckland, etc. 558 pp.

Chameleons of Africa. An atlas including the chameleons of Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
Colin Tilbury. 2010. Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt am Main. 830 pp.

Geckos of Australia
Friedrich W. Henkel. 2010. Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt am Main. 160 pp.

Herpetofauna of Vietnam
Nguyen Van Sang, Ho Thu Cuc & Nguyen Quang Truong. 2009. Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt. 768 pp.

First book ever to cover the reptiles and amphibians of Vietnam in English.
Varanoid Lizards
Bernd Eidenmüller & Hans-Dieter Philippen. 2008. Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt am Main / Rodgau. 148 pp.

Medical Toxicology of Natural Substances - Foods, Fungi, Medicinal Herbs, Plants, and Venomous Animals
Donald G. Barceloux. 2008. Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, New Jersey. 1157 pp.

Monitor Lizards - Natural History, Captive Care & Breeding
Bernd Eidenmüller. 2007. Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt am Main. 176 pp.

Calendar 2009 - Turtles
Edition Chimaira & Deutsche Gesellschaft für Herpetologie und Terrarienkunde.

Sauria (Berlin)
A German, international periodical publishing scientific articles as well as articles on captive care of reptiles and amphibians.

Nordisk Herpetologisk Forening (Nordic Herpetological Society)
A Danish periodical covering both general herpetology (reptile and amphibian zoology) and captive care of reptiles and amphibians. Rune's photos have appeared in a large number of issues through the years.

En bog om skildpadder.
Jørgen Christiansen. 1980. Skarv Naturforlag, Holte. 64 pp.

A popular book about turtles.
Elvig Hansen. 1989. Skarv / Høst & Søns Forlag. 40 pp.

Zoologisk Artskendskab. [Zoological knowledge of species].
Holm, S.A.; Meyling, N.V. & Kapel C.M.O. 2010. Faggruppe Zoologi, Institut for Jordbrug og Økologi, KU-LIFE, Copenhagen. 57 pp.
[In Danish]

Fugle og Natur  [Birds and Nature]

Largest website on Danish nature, maintained in collaboration with Naturhistorisk Museum [Natural History Museum] in Aarhus. One of the website's main purposes is to gather information on Danish flora and fauna, especially distribution and phenology.
Danmarks Naturfredningsforening - Køge afdeling  [Danish Society for Nature Conservation - Køge section]

The Danish Society for Nature Conservation is the largest nature conservation and environmental organisation in Denmark.