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Much to the nuisance of most people other than professional zoologists, the scientific names that are used for animals and plants often change, as our knowledge of the evolutionary history and relationships between species improve. This means that names that have been in use for decades or even centuries suddenly may change. Although this inevitably results in much confusion, we nevertheless try to keep Nature's Window up to date with current nomenclature, leaning on authoritative, reliable sources.

Most recently, the names used for many of the world's amphibians have changed, based on comprehensive studies of amphibian relationships. A continuously updated list of the world's amphibian species is available at the following website:

Amphibian Species of the World, 1998-2007, Darrel Frost and The American Museum of Natural History.

The nomenclature used in our website follows the source above. To limit confusion, we include older, often more familiar names that have been used during the latest half century or so. These names appear in the Alphabetical Index, as well as in the individual species pages.

The Alphabetical Index has now been updated to include the most recent changes among amphibians. The reptiles have also been updated, at least to some extent. A more thorough update will appear in the near future.

Rune Midtgaard