Publications authored/co-authored by Henrik Bringsøe
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Bringsøe, Henrik
An observation of Calumma tigris (Squamata: Chamaeleonidae) feeding on White-footed ants, Technomyrmex albipes complex, in the Seychelles.
Herpetological Bulletin 102: 15-17.
Bringsøe, Henrik
Trachylepis sechellensis (Seychelles skink): Reproduction.
Herpetological Bulletin 103: 42-43.
Sommer, R.S.; Lindquist, C.L.; Persson, A.; Bringsøe, H.; Rhodin, A.R.; Schneeweiss, N.; Siroky, P.; Bachmann, L.; Fritz, U.
Unexpected early extinction of the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) in Sweden and climatic impact on its Holocene range.
Molecular Ecology 18: 1252–1262.
Bringsøe, Henrik
Social interactions between female and juvenile Zootoca vivipara.
Die Eidechse 23(1): 10-18.