Corrections - January 2011
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The identification of the animals and plants found in this website is mostly based on the photographs alone, which is usually sufficient to determine the species with certainty. In a few cases, however, details such as scale counts in reptiles are necessary to verify an identification, and such details are not always clearly visible in photographs. An experienced field biologist, though, may be able to verify the identification just by looking at the photo. For this reason, we frequently consult experts to have our identifications verified.

Thanks to Oscar Arribas, Spain, for correcting the identification of Podarcis muralis merremia.

Podarcis muralis merremia (previously misidentified as Iberolacerta cyreni cyreni)

We apologize for any inconvenience that this misidentification might have caused.

Furthermore, The Emerald Tree Boa (Corallus caninus) was recently revised and shown to be a complex of at least two different species (C. caninus and C. batesii). The specimens previously identified as C. caninus in this website are now classified as C. batesii.

Corallus batesii (previously classified as C. caninus)

Finally, a Round-eyed Gecko (Cnemaspis vandeventeri) which was first described to science in 2010, was previously listed as C. sp.

Cnemaspis vandeventeri (previously listed as C. sp.)

Rune Midtgaard